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MysticAura® brings Pranic Aromatherapy in the form of essential oil blends for diffusing. The purpose of MysticAura® is to use aromatherapy for an elevated sense of well-being by impacting chakras of the human body. MysticAura only blends healing grade essential oils. MysticAura® hand blends healing grade essential oils with precision to bring the desired impact of the products. MysticAura® brings nature’s essence to you. Historically, the knowledge about essential oils was limited to Royal families. When Cleopatra had to win over a king, she used Neroli and Jasmine oils to purify her royal aura to meet the needs of her Kingdom. However, in modern times, this know-how is limited to some families. MysticAura® intends to bring you this precious knowledge for diffusing in the right corners of your home and office


To bring mankind to a level of self-awareness where they can have complete control of their personal well-being and that of the loved ones by knowing the right things to do that work for their mind, body, and soul.


To bring essential oils and their blends into the life of everyone so that the tools of health are not limited to recommendations from doctors/ experts but also from their own life experiences and understanding of the uniqueness of their own self.

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“Love the range of products and they’re natural vs artificial fragrances clouding my home!”

– Sunaina Tuli

“Amazing products!! – does justice to the aroma and the good vibes that it promises. I tried their Abundance, Tranquility & Harmony Blend!”

– Rajiv Menon

“It is such a great product.. a new way of spreading positive vibes around the house .. it actually works, results take some time to become visible but gradually they do start .. very happy with the products n also it does what it promises to.”

– Prinsi Agrawal

“I am so happy I came across MysticAura Products. I have been using the Tranquility Blend and Receptivity Blend since April and am extremely happy with them.”

– Gita Da

Mystic Aura has brought Goodness to the Wellness. It has enhanced O2 Spa’s guest experience & delight with its offering of specially curated natural signature aroma blends. The association with Mystic Aura is extremely beneficial for O2 Spa in the past year in terms of brand recall & recognition by our valued customer.

We really appreciate team MysticAura and thank them for their efforts & involvement in understanding our requirements & developing the elusive signature aromas for O2 Spa.

Pawan Chowdhary, Ex-Procurement Manager, O2 SPA & SALON

Our relationship with MysticAura is a special one and started when we at The Period Hub were conceptualising the product range. MysticAura’s expertise can easily help you in giving shape to your product idea. Their thorough subject knowledge was very helpful in ensuring our product had all features and characteristics we were looking for to begin with. When we rolled out our product, the PMS Roll On, in market, we got very good feedback from women thanking us for making this product as it delivered what we created this for. The Roll On is very mildly fragrant yet very potent and you can feel relieve from Period Cramps just instantly.

Thank you MysticAura for creating such a useful product for our customer. Looking forward to launching more of such products together..

Anju Arora, Founder of The Period Hub

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Mysticism of Essential Oils
Mysticism of Essential Oils

Mysticism of Essential Oils

Essential oils were only in reach of aristocrats, royals or imperial families which makes them exclusive and something that one would aspirationally want to use. Lets discover the mysticism associated with Essential Oils that make them something that is still in demand despite modern medicine making long strides in well being.
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