About MysticAura®

Our Story and Values


MysticAura® is a brainchild of a Human Resource Consultant who learnt pranic healing and explored the pranic properties of essential oils out interest. In last one decade, we have gathered consulting experience for global clients on complex technology and Organization Behaviour problems and 5 years of interest and training in understanding that there is more to life than what meets the eye. The intuitive ability to assess essential oils and professional experience HR Management Consulting converged to form MysticAura®, the essential oils blending company that engineers these oils for synergetic human relations at workplaces and homes.

How We Do It?

MysticAura® takes pride in only sourcing therapeutic (strictly) grade oils, the utility of these oils has been captured in the history of the world. Oils come from European lush farms to Dense forests of Africa, the Indian Subcontinent, and many other remote parts of the world. The fragrance of the oil blend is prone to change just like mother nature changes the flavor of the plant world from season to season- remember, orange in winter tastes so different from orange in summers? MysticAura® attempts to keep the fragrance consistent but we do not aspire to industrialize or scale it just so we can maintain the personal touch of a healer.


Our Team

Our Team is a rotating team of domestic helpers, yoga practitioners and meditators who go through a positive energy ritual to prepare the blends. The founder is personally involved in the sacred task of making the blends by synchronizing the efforts of all the Blenders to ensure the accuracy of measurements. Sometimes, our due to human error, the measurements are not accurate (every bottle is hand blended) – we cover for shortages by adding Rose oil, the most luxuries and versatile oils of all.

We are an eclectic group of educated, uneducated, super educated people who bring a very unique value proposition to the table. Oil Blending is something for which we actually got into the business so this is the part that is the most sacred and held close to heart.

Owner’s Profile

Owners of MysticAura® are successful professionals in the Management Consulting space and Internet-based product company. We have been practising energy healing, yoga meditation and have experienced the power of Mantra chanting for more than 15 years. We believe that Aromatherapy as an alternative medicine towards well being is the safe and natural way to stay mentally, emotionally and physically fit.


Our Processes

There are some things that are unique about MysticAura®’s blends and one of them is the processes. There are several studies that have proven that water has a memory and the same logic can be extended to Essential Oils that are the language of nature. This is why blending essential oils is a sacred process for us. Our team starts the day with Yoga and Meditation for physical and etheric cleansing. To ensure that the mental state is just as elevated while blending the oils, we play spiritual and music that is high on frequency. YES, this is how we do it every time and every day.

Our Speciality

MysticAura®’s each oil bottle is hand blended and individually energized. To dig deeper, every drop of oil is individually added for the bottles. We do not make a big 1-litre basket of a certain oil and then put it in smaller bottles- You Know why? We believe that each blend is so unique because of the love affair among the 2- 8 different essential oils. They blend synergistically and then over the period settle among themselves and form a divine connection with each other. Bulk blending does not have that capability hence MysticAura’s every blend has a stamp of “Hand Blended”. 

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