A unique group of Aromatherapy Enthusiasts got together on a winter evening. We learnt about each other and that followed by a 2 hours long workshop that walked through everything about essential oils.

Here is what they said after the workshop

I attended this workshop with the intention to know more about these essential oils from an expert. (Earlier,I had some theoretical knowledge)This workshop was interactive.The myths about these oils especially their price and fragrance were cleared by Meenal mam.(Earlier,I assumed that the strong the fragrance,the more pure oil it is) gained knowledge of impact of Positive and Negative energies on the oils (with the help of Pendulam) with hands on experience in using these oils.Overall,this session was infopacked. Last but not the least,the value addition part was I got 4 fragrances bottles and one bottle of carrier oil and cream as Complimentary.Thanks Meenal mam and Team MysticAura.

We are thankful for enthusiastic participation! It was a fun evening.