The fragrant beauty of essential oils are rarely available in fancy bottles. Essential Oils bottles are more often than not kept in amber, green or any other opaque colored bottles because they are photosensitive. Handling essential oils is a lot more than ensuring that they are in cool, dark place away from sunlight. Let us explore top 3 things one must remember while holding onto the precious oils

  • Respect and Intuition: Essential Oils are living things and wise healers. At home you must keep them where it intuitively feels right. It should be a peaceful, relaxed perhaps the sacred corner of the house which you sense has a powerful positive vibe. Some people prefer to keep in meditation rooms, prayer room, prayer accessories cupboard or Book shelves. You have to depend on your intuition to find that corner that respects the healing oils so that the life force of the oils does not get depleted by any negative energy and stays upbeat and full of life.
  •  Away from heat and light: Photo sensitivity of essential oils is a well known fact so keeping in open, well lit rooms is also not a good idea. Keeping them away from sunlight, direct or indirect, heat sources (heated bulbs. artificial lights) is very important to ensure that chemical composition of the oils stays intact, therapeutic and fragrant across all the notes.
  • Away from radiations, electromagnetic waves: It might surprise you but this is a fact that essential oils’ therapeutic properties and chemical composition changes when they are exposed to radiations and electromagnetic waves from computers, phones, radios, TVs and electronic devices that emit radiations. Unlike heat and light, only a prolonged exposure to radiations have an impact on essential oils but given the fact that they have a long shelf life, we should be watchful of these interference as well. There are devices available to counteract radiations and electromagnetic waves but you need to find a balance between over engineering storage of essential oils.

It is actually quite difficult to find a place that meets all the requirements in a typical modern home, but with a bit of thought, ingenuity and explorer’s mindset, you might find the right place to nestle your essential oils.

If the usual sacred, spiritual, meditative or prayer corner is too much in light, simply store the oils in a box in a shaded place or a cabinet for example. It is a very good idea to place a positive energy generating structure around the oils, like a dome, pyramid or a swastik symbol.

In a nutshell, think of the essential oils as living things that deserve to be treated with reverence because of the power of nature, of creation, of light and of love is within them.