Clinical psychologists have deduced that when people have above average socio economic status, the average serotonin levels in the body is higher compared to a situation where the socio economic status is low. One’s ability to feel good about their life and consequently chose higher pursuits of life is dependent on the dance biochemical are doing!  There is a full science behind it with respect to motivation theory by Daniel Pink. According to Daniel Pink, when a task is rudimentary and mechanical in nature, money motivates but when tasks are mental and require intellectual engagement, money is not the motivator, it is a hygiene factor. There should be enough money to keep questions on survival at bay so that maximum time is invested in using intellectual capacity. Extending that theory to our lives one basic activity of cooking. Cooking for a person of low socio economic status will lean towards survival whereas for someone in higher socio economic status will lean towards providing balanced nutrition.


Well-being can be achieved by higher socio economic status and higher socio economic status is reason for well being. Chicken and egg situation? Now, how do we break this chain? One way of doing it is using essential oils that have direct impact on the brain and series of chemical reactions it triggers in the human body.

Lets take for example, Jasmine oil. Jasmine essential oil is rich, royal and deep floral aroma. It is an anti-depressant, great for feminine health, being a floral oil. It is highly recommended for pregnant women and is proven to reduce labor pains. How do you think it happens? Female is a gender in physical manifestation but in realms beyond the physical manifestation and psychology, it is a dimension of life- like some men are more feminine than women and some women are more masculine- their bodies are assigned a biological gender but their psychological make up is a mix of both masculine and feminine qualities varying from person to person. When a pregnant woman comes in contact with Jasmine Essential Oil, which essentially is a feminine shot, the survival mechanism of the body that favor feminine and infant health, spike and bring feminine dimension of the life form at the forefront. This helps the woman cope better with the labor pain. It does not go away, it just eases out because of physical changes in the chemicals being secreted during the birthing process.

No matter what socio –economic strata one is, repeated use of essential oil helps one to keep their average serotonins naturally high leading to better relationships, higher success rates and over all well-being. Essential oils are a break-through in technology of well-being! Top 5 essential oils that boost serotonin levels are


  1. Peppermint
  2. Orange
  3. Lemon
  4. Holy Basil
  5. Lavender