When MysticAura® got a group of Aromatherapy enthusiasts together, we rolled our sleeves to start on the journey of aromatic wellness!

Aromatherapy Workshop in Mumbai

A unique group of Aromatherapy Enthusiasts got together on a winter evening. We learnt about each other and that followed by a 2 hours long workshop that walked through everything about essential oils. Here is what they said after the workshop I attended this...

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Pepperfry Studios Mumbai Aromatherapy Workshop

Wellness Workshop by MysticAura@O2Spa

O2 Spa continuously strives to enhance engagement with their customers. A special Aromatherapy workshop by MysticAura was one such endeavor. On the beautiful Saturday morning of 9th Nov, a group of seekers got together who have been taking services of Spas and...

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Wellness Workshop by MysticAura@O2Spa

“Thank you for the enlightening workshop! I have learnt a lot of new aspects of essential oils, their spiritual side and their use in our daily lives. Would definitely love to know more, if there is an advanced workshop for longer durations.”

– Fatima

“Dear MysticAura, Thank you for organizing such an informative knowledgeable workshop. The products which we learn are very useful in our daily routine. It was very intensive and will look forward to attending your next workshops as well.” 

– Reshma Thakur

“Thank you for organizing this workshop. I learnt the basics and interesting facts about aromatherapy and how I can bring it to infuse it in my daily life and chores. Really excited for the blends we made today during the session and I can see myself hooked to essential oils for life now! Thank you once again.” 

– Anju Arora

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