Stress has become the primary cause of all mental as well as physical illness (when sustained for longer period of time). As per Dr. Jordan Peterson, the function of stress in our survival is to physiologically increase the heart rate, palpitation, tighten the muscle so that you are ready to run away from what ever danger is approaching you as it can be life threatening. Stress is for survival.

In modern world, where we live in cities and even villages for that matter, very few people in their lifetime come across real life threatening situations but there are many situations that we are conditioned to construe as life threatening. Sometimes, as simple as an email from the boss that gives me a negative feedback is taken as a stress. As soon as that email hits the inbox, our primal instinct puts us in a position of disadvantage in a virtual combat of higher performance. This leads to self inflicted stress.

The rate of change that technology has bought in our lives is unprecedented. Nothing in the history of world has changed as fast as changes bought about by technology in our lives. Social media, dating, time spending/ wasting avenues are all the changes that have creeped into our brains to the extent that it creates complex emotions like anxiety, loneliness, envy jealousy without having any other party involved. There are ways to hack our nervous system which is built to ensure our survival but has not been able to cope with technological changes the world has thrown at us in last 1 or 2 decades alone.

Fragrance of Essential Oils is a living thing which interferes with human neuro receptors more actively that one could imagine. Consistent presence of pure and natural essential oils in our lives can have dramatic effects only in matter on few weeks. One simple thing that these fragrances do is, they help you suppress the role of emotions in your psychological disposition. The Chakra configuration of your body tends to normalcy in which they are proportional for higher pursuits of life rather than only being bothered with survival. Nervous system of human responds very well to floral, leaves based and woody essential oils as against animal based and roots based oils.

Survival in today’s world is linked to money, wealth, property for those who are operating on the upper part of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Loss or possibility of loss of any of these will cause stress. If our systems are not able to handle that kind of stress, they are manifested physically as a heart disease, cancer, blood pressure- you name it! If we manage to convince our nervous system that “This too shall pass” with help of fragrances that talk to every cell in our body, we are actually hacking the system. We are telling ourselves the eternal truth that is hard to explain but easily understood when experienced.

Do not wait. Add a few drops of essential oils in your life to experience an illness free, stress free and diseases free life which adds some healthy years to your life that you can spend wisely with loved ones or just yourself.