There are countless studies- both clinical and experiential that show that meditation works to lower the pulse rate, calming psychological and neurological processes. People’s reports of experiences are incredible stories that are often hard to believe, but the reality is that “It happens”.

There are variety of things that can enhance meditative experience, but the use of the aids to enhance experience are best when they are in sync with nature- yours’ or that of the earth and the universe. Indian systems have anecdotal evidence of meditation experiences that are different for a vegetarian, non- vegetarian, vegans and those who follow a diet where tamasic nutrition is avoided. Place of meditation, physical fitness, mental alertness, life state- practically everything influences the quality of ones meditation. What do we really get from meditation- answer to nagging questions, plain unsolicited wisdom coming from higher self perhaps. Its an adventure, not a rest.

Now, Essential Oils that are pure, vibrating on a high energy have the power to slide an unaware human into a space of higher consciousness- We can expect phenomenal journey into our own existence while meditating, when these essential oils are a part of your surroundings. A single essential oil could evoke some memories so it is best to use a balanced essential oil blend that brings awareness, centering and higher consciousness together. When the physical, metaphysical and psychological are in alignment, even a single meditation session can help you interact with a higher dimension that did not exist in our minds, though it did in our hopes or finding freedom, liberation and unity with the universe.

Meditation Mate- Centering and Awakening are balanced blends of floral, leafy, fruity, woody and earthy oils that will confuse you in your conscious state but will take you for an adventure over a period of time when meditation becomes a part of your schedule.