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MysticAura’s Tranquility Blend is a mystic combination of Bergamot, Lavender and Geranium essential oils giving a velvety floral fragrance to keep you calm and composed.

The feelings of stress and anxiety tap on to our basic animalistic instincts. It is more human to be calm and composed but since we are basically animals, it is hard to stay in that high life state. Diffusing this blend will bring you to your own higher self Experience sense of sense of serenity, stability and a mild state of mind by diffusing 5-6 drops of this blend in your home and office space. Chakras impacted by diffusing the blend are Saharara and Anahat

Ideally to be diffused on occasions when the stress of the outside world needs to be expelled- like in evenings after office towards the end of the day and for Business houses, in the waiting areas

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  • 100% pure essential oils of therapeutic grade. Comes with a Ceramic Diffuser and 6 Tea Light Candles
  • MysticAura’s Tranquility Blend is a mystic combination of Bergamot, Lavender and Geranium
  • Blends prepared with knowledge of Life force of essential oils and composition is based on the life force of each of the essential oil from plant kingdom to give desired results
  • Only for Diffusing. Diffuse on occasions when being calm and composed is a need
  • The potency of oils enhanced by Healers’ touch who hand blend the oils with precision in measurements


  1. Shwetank Shrey

    I had bought the Tranquility essential oil as a gift for a friend who was facing a lot of issues with her anxiety. It’s a unique gift item as the oil itself smells amazing and is a mood uplifter. It comes in a beautiful pack with diffuser and candles and is a complete premium kit. Everything I bought seems pure and has had very positive effects on her moods and health.

    • Meenal

      We are so happy to hear that the product is working as intended

  2. Sumanta Roy

    Really liked the product. The fragrance is charming and gives a refreshing yet tranquil vibe to our living room. We had a few guests coming over and they enjoyed it too. Perfect for working professionals who are usually under stress throughout the day, this will certainly help destress and relax. I found it great for general meditation as well. Great product and packaging and we’ll be sure to order again.

    • Meenal

      We are glad you are able to find so many avenues to use the product

  3. GD

    This was the first MysticAura product I tried and was absolutely thrilled by the results. I use it in the evening a couple of hours before going to bed and enjoy peaceful sleep every time. Would definitely recommend it!

    • Meenal

      Thanks a lot

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