Cosmic Pack

Daily Drops of Cosmic Energy

Daily Drops of Cosmic Energies Healing grade essential oil blends enhance the energies of celestial bodies in your urbane life with help of energizing yantras. The bottom of the box has the 3D Grah Yantras that ensure that the energies of the planet are coded and encapsulated in every drop of the blend of the oil. Our domesticated urban lives can make the most of the celestial or planetary energies by diffusing the healing grade oil blends- physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually See overleaf for the qualities of the blend for each day.


Believe it or not, any liquid existing on earth has memory and the higher the viscosity, the higher is the impact of subtle environment around it. This is why, MysticAura’s comprises of people who complete 2 hour long yoga and meditation ritual before preparing the blends. Besides, ensuring that oils are not exposed to sunlight, kept in cool and dry place- add your signature to it by adding your positive thoughts and energy before diffusing them. Pour water in the container of the diffuser and add some drops of the oil blend. Light a candle or your lamp with extra oil or ghee. After a few minutes, you will begin to notice how fragrance of the oil blends flourish your and your loved ones’ lives.

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