On one of the rainy and stormy afternoons in October this year, a bunch of aromatherapy enthusiasts got together to start their aromatic journey of well being. All of us were a group of individuals who had one thing in common- we believe more in our own experiences (which includes experience of reading and studying scientific reasearches) rather than an of an Expert when it comes to health and happines. It was great to see that everyone had a clear and focused approach to natural way of living be it by using organic products, natural methods of living, practicing Yoga etc.

Though the workshop was only for 40 minutes, we had an extended session for sharing the experiences on how different fragrant experiences had touched our lives unconsciously. The theoretical session was followed by hands on essential oil blend and product development for personal use which became the most exciting part where paticipants could see themselves that how much is too much and how less is enough to make the right blend.

Valuable Feedback from the Participants

Thank you for the enlightening workshop! I have learnt a lot of new aspects of essential oils, their spiritual side and their use in our daily lives. Would definitely love to know more, if there is an advance workshop for longer durations.- Fatima


Dear MysticAura, Thank you for organizing such an informative knowledgeable workshop. The products which we learn are very useful in our daily routine. It was very intensive and will look forward to attend your next workshops as well. – Reshma Thakur
MysticAura thanks all the aromatherapy enthusiasts for being a part of our journey. We will keep sharing more such stories.