O2 Spa continuously strives to enhance engagement with their customers. A special Aromatherapy workshop by MysticAura was one such endeavor.

On the beautiful Saturday morning of 9th Nov, a group of seekers got together who have been taking services of Spas and Salons and wanted to better understand the skin and hair care . This All women participants workshop became a platform where they we discussed their skin and hair related issues and could converge that the root cause of the issues was not the skin, but the lifestyle changes that could bring significant long lasting changes. This would  also be helpful in maintaining health of all organs and the layer above it- the skin! The workshop was followed by a nice aromatherapy massage for the participants, which made it a truly relaxed and rejuvenating day.

One would think, happiness comes from achievement and possessions and doing. But the reality is that the true happiness is being able to sit back, relax and reflect on the quality of your life that is there right at that moment!

Valuable Feedback Received from the Participants

The session on Aeromatherapy was quite informative. The expectation from the workshop was totally fulfilled, now I know proper use of essential oils– Puwa Manna

Loved the workshop on Aromatherapy. Very helpful and informative. Good to do a night cream and repellent which was hands on experiment–BhayaNatasha

I love the idea of how you made those oils/package as a take away along with your brochure —Manasa

Got a good knowledge on essential oils. Happy to be in this session–Mohana Priya

MysticAura thanks all the aromatherapy enthusiasts for being a part of our journey. We will keep sharing more such stories.